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exoticahour's podcast

Feb 16, 2010

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This Show is Dedicated to the TIKI and the song list was inspired from having the opportunity to DJ for The Birth of Tiki Source Fund Rasier at Maui Wowie Cafe and Kava Bar in Kahului. “The Birth of Tiki” is an original fully black light body painted magical and mythological dance and theater show written by Rachael Deboer. 
It’s an interpretation of the possible relationship one Ancient Hawaiian carver or Kahuna Kalai has with the four major Akua or gods in the Hawaiian sacred mythology: Kane, Ku, Kanaloa, and Lono as well as with Pele, Haumea, and Kahaloapuna (the Rainbow Maiden). Listed below is a more in depth blog concerning the full extent of the project complete with photos and mythological background: For more of Rachael’s body painting info: “The Birth of Tiki” will be premiered at Source, a non-profit interactive arts festival, on February 20th, 2010. The Source runs February 19th – 22th Check out: I highly recommend attending, it’s a magical event! Quiet Village – Martin Denny Tiki Tiki Tiki – Sherman Brothers Hunt of the Savage – Clouseaux Fire Dance – Alex North The Natives are Restless – Don Tiki Snake Charmer – Mad Man Jones Breathing Bongos – Chaino Little Grass Shack – Big Kahuna and The Copa Cat Pack Tiki/Pagan Ritual – Martin Denny Something Tropical – Tipsey Pink Carpet – Juliette LeBlanc The Enchanted Sea – Alfred Newman Bongos In Pastel – Preston Epps Voodoo Love – Waitiki Karibe Tribe – Yma Sumac Sneaky Tiki – Tikiyaki Orchestra Na Pali Drums - Ape