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exoticahour's podcast

Sep 28, 2010

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Hey Exotic Podsters, Get Your Wildness on with this show, hosted by Myself and returning Guest, Chris L. We're coming to You from lovely Maui wishing You all Tons of Wildness and Aloha. Oh, by the way, I found this Party Chicken image on the internet, it is perfect for the show, so I'd like to give credit to Dan Ciesielski. I'd also like to say congratulations to Andy Nazzal of Tiki Joe's Ocean for his new album, Under the Midnight Sun, which I had the pleasure of playing flute on a few of the tracks with some really talented Exotica musicians! Fun Stuff The Exotica Hour’s “The Wildness Show” It - The Regal-Airs Jungle Fever - De Grand Pré Dona Flor - Black Mighty Wax Sleepless Hours - The Originals Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That) - Shane Kai Ray Hawaii Blue - Tiki Joe's Ocean Ali Baba's Boogie - Señor Charro Records Return To Bikini Beach - Return To Bikini Beach Sumac – Chaino Good & Bad - The Gauchos Nut Sundae - The Fabulous Tempoes The Sex Machine - (Philadelphia Night Club) Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo) - Danny Kaye Wowsville - Taylor, Bob Gesundheid - Señor Charro Records (1959-1972) The Drunken Camel - Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Drums A-Go-Go - Hollywood persuaders Sweet Bacon - Julien Covey Swingin' Drums - Ronnie Kae Chicken - Spark Plug