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exoticahour's podcast

May 25, 2011

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Aloha Exotica Peeps - Got a great show for You featuring Waitiki 7 and their new Vinyl-only release, Waitiki in Hi Fi. Timed to honor the 100th anniversary of Martin Denny’s birth, the record pays homage to the exotica pioneer with whom several band members had the privilege to work with before his death. Away We go! Myster Of Yambuya - Don Ralke I-Ha-She - Marais & Miranda Ruby - The Waitiki 7 Fuzzy Mammoth Breath – Waitiki Bali Ha'I - The Waitiki 7 Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree - Ethel Azama Firecracker - The Waitiki 7 House of Pleasure - Dominic Frontiere Colon - Augie Colon L'Ours Chinois – Waitiki Snake In The Grass - The Monaco Danceband Brazilian Willy Willy - Ralph Font Okolehau - Augie Colon To learn more and check out their Album: