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exoticahour's podcast

Aug 14, 2011

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Exotica Hour’s Bamboo Show - If you're into Bamboo, Exotica and World Music - tune in to this super duper Bamboo show!! Hurray for Bamboo.......... Special Guest, Chris L..... Bamboo Is - Darrel De Vore House Of Bamboo - Andy Williams Singing Bamboos - Martin Denny Bamboo Skin - Tiki Joe's Ocean - Gathering - Planet Bamboo Big Bamboo – Beatroots Bamboo Tamboo - Arthur Lyman The Girl Behind The Bamboo Curtain - Martin Denny A Tayal Folk Song - Va – Light Zombie Bamboos – Chaino On A Little Bamboo Bridge - Haole Kats Bamboo Lullaby - Martin Denny Bamboo - The Surfmen Bamboo - Arthur Lyman Unknown - Bamboo Gamelan Write in to for comments, questions or suggestions!