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exoticahour's podcast

Dec 24, 2011

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Hello Exotica Music Loving Fans, this was an ambitious show to put together. Here are more than 20 some versions of the famous song Caravan. Don't be daunted - there are so many different styles and arrangements of this song that it will keep you entertained as you cross the great dessert or your mind's eye! Caravan ¬- Irv Cottler Caravan - David Carroll Caravan - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra Caravan - Valaida Snow Caravan - Axel Stordahl Caravan – Ape Caravan - Dick Hyman Caravan - Herbie Mann Caravan - Gordon Jenkins Caravan - Martin Denny Caravan - Joe Valino Caravan - Jack Costanzo & His Afro-Cuban Band Caravan - The Sheik's Men Caravan - Dick Dale Caravan - 80 Drums Around The World Here is a link to Jack Costanzo and his band playing Caravan at Tiki Oasis 2011! BTW - We will be launching a new LP FM Radio and streaming internet station from Maui that YOU can participate in! We are looking for content! Go to