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exoticahour's podcast

Dec 30, 2011

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HEY - SLIDE DOWN AND START WITH PART 1 FIRST!! Caravan Part 2!! This Show is Dedicated to both my little Bro, Trev-Dog and Buddy, Willy – both Caravan Lover’s! Dessert Caravan – Unknown with special message from Captain Kush Caravan – THE THREE SUNS Caravan - Jimi Tenor Caravan – Nat King Cole Caravan - DUKE ELLINGTON Caravan – Arthur Lyman Caravan - Marty Gold Planet Caravan - Rockabye Baby! Thinking About Black Sabbbath Caravan – Thelonious Moog The Exotica Hour will be featured on Maui’s new BSOS Radio!! Help Us get off the ground!! If You like what you’re listening to and want to help the launching and continuation of BSOS Radio, please go here: