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exoticahour's podcast

Aug 28, 2009

I spent 7 weeks on Bali with the program director of KAKU Radio and it was there We realized that most of the Balinese music is VERY exotic – I dare say even very EXOTICA. A lot of the songs even have animal and nature sounds in it! So, We decided to make a show and were joined by my crazy and mysterious friend Nick from Bangkok. Note: The talk-intro is a little long, but the song that comes on right after is very interesting. It’s Kecak dance music (which is done by 70 guys sitting in a circle) put to a modern beat, it’s wild and weird! Balinese music is some of the most enchanting music You will ever hear and it may make You feel like You are floating on the edge of a dream! So grab a glass of Arrak and enjoy the show….